The Masked Ball – ‘Welcome To Los Flambardos’

The Masked Ball has, over the years, built up a reputation as the best party in Cornwall. I have been involved with this debauchery from it’s early stages, but over the last few years have kept my distance! For this years Halloween special though, i was invited by the Ball’s main man and all round legend, Mr. Kelvin Batt, to paint a huge welcome sign to greet party goers on their way in!

This years event was to take place at Flambards Theme Park in Helston, Cornwall, and has been renamed Los Flambardos to tie in with this years ‘Day Of The Dead’ theme. My task was to paint a huge ‘Sugar Skull’ with the greeting ‘Welcome To Los Flambardos’

I had one weekend, a huge 12′ x 8′ sign, and a load of paint and Posca Pens!

So i holed up for the weekend in a huge barn at Flambards, to tackle the task set for me!

The barn i was using was a workshop for Flambards, where they repaired and painted the rides at the theme park. It rather fittingly looked more like a graveyard for old rides from the park!

All i had to keep me company was my iPod and docking station, and a selection of beers to aid the creative process!

I was also very tempted to paint up one of these horses from one of the parks rides, in my own style!

The view from 12 foot up the ladder!

The finished piece which took a total of 24 hours painting in one weekend.