About Mat McIvor

I Was Born With Buphthalmos and Infantile Glaucoma.

I had operations to save the sight in my eyes when i was about 8 months old.

The sight was saved in my left eye, but not in my right.

I’m still blind in one eye!

When I Was Younger, I Always Wanted To Be….

…. To Be An Architect….

…. Then I Found Out You Had To Study For Seven Years….

….. And Decided That I Couldn’t Be Bothered…..

So I Ended Up Going To Art College To Study Fine Art…….

…. And After Seven Years And A Degree Ended Up Signing On The Dole ….

I now live and work as an artist in Cornwall.

I also own a clothes shop with my partner Izzy, called Fishboy PZ.


I sing in a dirty, garage post punk band called Night Motor