Play / Eat / Drink @ Ben Tunnicliffe At Sennen

Large scale commission for installation of paintings at my old mate Ben Tunnicliffe’s new look restaurant down at Sennen Cove!

He commissioned me to produce 3 large scale paintings with the words Play / Eat / Drink involved in some way!

My idea was to design each word with images i’d already produced for the restaurant as posters, and to try and tie some of this imagery together.

The space at the restaurant is very big, so i needed to get some massive canvases made up! Initially, i wanted to paint onto reclaimed wood, and produce something along the lines of the sign writing that i’d been doing for the Rum & Crab Shack in St. Ives!

I commissioned my mate Joe Gray from the fabulous Shiver Me Timbers reclamation yard in Crowlas near Penzance, to produce 3 large panels made from salvaged floor boards for me to paint on!

Play was the first word to tackle, and to tie this in with the beach where the restaurant is located, i incorporated a design i had produced for Ben before for their Sennen Surf Comp! This image featured surfboards, and the sea which i laid into the word Play!

The finished Play panel in my studio above my shop Fishboy PZ!

The next panel was the largest of the 3, weighing in at well over 2m square! This design was taken from the art work i’d produced previously, for the restaurants National Oyster Day poster and event!

I have to say a massive thank you to the Newlyn Exchange Gallery, for letting me use their Engine Room as a studio space for a week! The largest of the wooden panels was far too big to fit up the stairs to my studio, so they very kindly let me use their space while they were closed for their winter break! This photo shows work in progress in the Engine Room!

The final panel was the Drink image, which was taken from a design i’d initially produced for a mural at the Island Street Bar and Grill in Salcombe, but never got round to using it!

Installation of these bad boys was pretty tough going! Myself and Ben’s mate Jason, had to use a rope system to hoist the panels into position, and then tie them off!

Surprisingly, the largest panel was the easiest to install, as we didn’t need to use rope to hang it! It was big enough to install with just hook and eyes!

All 3 panels finally installed in the restaurant!

The restaurant, the day before opening back up to the public, after their winter break! You can now see my paintings alongside Ben’s collection of vintage BMX’s, owner Nigel’s collection of Formula 1 nose cones, retro long boards and Ben Cook’s surf inspired prints! Plus, there is some lovely food and drink on offer! Bon appetite!