My A’th Kar NQY Project / Mural Two

My A’th Kar NQY is Cornish for I Love You Newquay.

Youth led project run by RIO (Real Ideas Organisation) in Newquay town centre, engaging young people to give a positive message about their town through art. I ran workshops with a group of young people to generate ideas for murals in 3 sites around Newquay, and then led the painting of the murals.

This second mural was produced over 5 days on 76 8ft x 4ft panels with the help of young people and adults from the local community in Newquay. The panels were then later installed around the site of the old derelict bus station in the middle of Newquay town centre. The message from the young people on the mural read ‘My A’th Kar Nqy / Please Leave The Town The Way You Found It’