‘The Track’ BMX Track, Portreath.

I was asked by a youth worker friend of mine, to help out with a youth project recently, which involved giving workshops in painting, stencilling and producing a large piece of work for a Dirt Bike Jump Track in Portreath.

The idea was to develop ideas with the group, and bring them all together in one final professional design to be put on display at the track.

The Track is a five acre fun filled dirt facility based in Portreath, Cornwall.


As we were on a very small time scale, the idea was to use stencils and spray paint, to throw up quick and easy designs based around the track itself, and parts of bikes.

From our initial discussions, the group came up with various ideas which included an eye with a cog inside it, wave like designs that echoed the jumps at the track, sprockets as sun like images, and a skull motif that would be used as a repeated pattern.

One of the girls in the group laying down some basic background colour onto the 2 8′ x 4′ panels, that we produced the final image on.

2 more members of the group painting different shades of blue onto the wave like image.

Practising with the eye stencil that was created by one of the group, which has a cog/sprocket as the iris and pupil part of the eye.

The guys getting to grips with painting large blocks of colour, before they get onto spraying stencils over the top!

End of the first days painting, which produced the block colour work for the next days stencilling.

The skull motif was used as a stencil by the group, to paint as a repeated pattern to add some depth and texture to the landscape of the BMX track background. It kind of looks like flowers, or even a graveyard of skulls of fallen riders!

Finished piece of art work produced by the group, with guidance from myself.

Detail showing the stencil work done by the group.

The finished piece can be seen on location at The Track, Portreath.